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One-way Reflective Window Film

Apr 2019

Net curtains can look dated, get dirty and trap bugs. However, privacy can be achieved by the application of one of our privacy window films. It’s clean, modern and requires no maintenance. With various types, shades, and grades, a one-way reflective film is a fantastic way to add privacy and control the view through glazing.

One-way reflective film enables the glass to act as a one-way mirror, however the strength of the mirror effect depends upon the surrounding lighting conditions. This means that you will clearly be able to see out of the glass, however passers-by will struggle to see through the glass seeing only a reflection of themselves. Glass itself already produces a slight one-way mirror effect as you will have probably noticed at home or work, however the application of a one-way reflective film will enhance the mirror effect desired.


How does it work?

One-way reflective films work on the basis that the side with the most light is the side that will be reflective and the other side will be clearly seen through. This means that the greater the light difference, the better the mirror effect will be. One-way reflective film will only work if the lighting conditions are in your favour. To produce a substantial mirror effect, the film will need a 1:4 ratio of visible light. One-way reflective films only provide daylight privacy as once it turns dusk/dark outside the mirror effect will be reversed to the inside of the glass. This is because the light inside the building will be greater than the light outside.


DR 15 house

The different versions…

There are many different reflective window films available for different situations. It is known that the darker the window film the more reflective it will be and will need less lighting difference before the mirror effect becomes apparent, creating overall more privacy.

The ‘Silver’ Reflective range is a common window film used to create privacy as it only needs a 1:4 ratio of lighting conditions to achieve a mirror effect.

The ‘Duel-reflective’ range are slightly different in the fact that they are neutral on the inside and reflective on the outside. This means that the internal side of the glass will not become as reflective at dusk/night when the lighting conditions are greater on the inside. In addition to this, the mirror effect is stimulated at a lower ratio of light difference at 1:3.

If you are hoping to achieve greater privacy, a darker reflective film would be the best choice, however with the darker films you would be cutting out a high percentage of the light coming through the glass. For example, a DR 15 would stop approximately 85% of light coming through the glass but create brilliant day time privacy. For homes in particular, a lighter reflective window film would still achieve adequate day time privacy but would hardly be noticeable from inside the property allowing natural light to fill the room.

Here at ADS Window Films, we pride ourselves in our quality films and all fitting is completed by fully trained and expert installers so you can be assured of a stunning result, every time.


To find out more about our range of one-way reflective window films, check out our website –

Alternatively give us a call on 01752 252583 or email us at

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Areas covered

ADS Window Films has been established in Plymouth since 2001, with their main offices conveniently located in the centre of Plymouth and a further presence in London. ADS Window Films cover the whole of Devon and Cornwall and the south west region, including: Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Newton Abbot, Penzance, Plymouth, St Austell, Taunton, Tiverton, Torquay and Truro. ADS Window Films have now acquired a presence in London to cover both London and the Home Counties and have carried out projects throughout the United Kingdom.

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If you have a question about any aspect of window film, smart switchable films or car tinting films, please call on 01752 252583 or email us at Alternatively, please use our general enquiry form below.

What our customers say...

We contracted ADS to fit a series of different types of window films to our two story office. We could not recommend ADS highly enough. Their service, professionalism and efficiency in fitting was second to none. We are really pleased with the results and the switchable film particularly, is a real talking point.

Top firm, top guys, top product. Very impressed. 5*

Friendly professional service. Made us feel very welcome from start to finish! Our car looks amazing and will certainly make a difference. We would highly recommend to anyone! Thank you again!

A very efficient service with very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Brilliant firm, they have now done 2 of my cars and a fantastic job on my house. Before you speak to anyone about getting your windows done speak to these guys.

I spent ages reviewing different companies to make sure I found the best place to tint my windows and ADS is definitely that!

They have done a superb job on my Ford Focus. Really professional service. The film quality is second to none. I went for the premium film and although it’s perfectly dark on the outside, inside I still have perfect visibility.

I would recommend ADS to anyone. Very impressed.

Fantastic service, professional and knowledgeable staff , nice clean waiting area with free wifi!!! And a lovely mug of coffee .This is the only place we go to have our vehicles window tinting done. So far they have done the tints on 4 of our cars!!

Professional from start to finish – Adam the installer rang to say he was running a little late and kept me informed. When arrived he was polite, professional, clean and tidy – sorry the access to the windows weren’t the easiest. When he left you’d never know he’d been in our offices except the excellent window films and no complaints from the staff – result!

ADS were quick to respond to my initial enquiry and were able to fit my work in between jobs. They kept me informed, met times advised and were professional and courteous.

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