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    Window Film for Schools
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    Window Film for Schools

First class safety – Putting your pupil’s safety first

Glazing Survey – Regulation 14

ADS Window Films offer a comprehensive Glazing Survey to comply with Regulation 14 (The Management of Workplace Regulations 1992). The survey will assess how safe your school glazing is and bring you up to date with current compliance.

  • Safety Window Film for Schools


    When accidents or spontaneous breakages occur, shattered glass fragments pose great risk of personal injury. Protective window film helps hold glass fragments in place until they can safely be removed and replaced.

  • Anti-glare Window Film for Schools


    Bright natural light can create difficult conditions due to glare and reflections on computer or TV screens. Window film can reduce glare, protect the eyes and optimize the working conditions.

  • Heat Reduction Window Film for Schools

    Heat Reduction

    Temperature control helps improve occupant comfort which helps maintain productivity in warmer months. Window film can help decrease energy costs for cooling and helps improve thermal comfort which can lead to better working conditions.

  • Heat Retention Window Film for Schools

    Heat Retention

    Lock the heat in for the colder months with window film. There is no need to replace old single glazed units and you could save money and energy.

  • Wear and Fade Protection Window Film for Schools

    Fade Reduction

    Window film can help reduce fading of furnishings and flooring by helping to block harmful UV rays from penetrating the glass and reducing the IR.

  • Privacy Window Film for Schools


    Glass-enclosed spaces create an open atmosphere, but frequently also invite undesired attention from prying eyes. Decorative and mirror films help minimise this effect and help to protect your privacy.

  • Manifestation Window Film for Schools


    Floor to ceiling glazing can be difficult to see and mistaken for an open walkway. Manifestation markings will help make the glass visible and act to prevent human impact, collisions and potential accidents with the glass and is a legal requirement.

  • Printed Window Film for Schools


    Use graphics as an education tool and make it fun. Schools can also use graphics to aid with branding.

  • Anti-graffiti Window Film for Schools


    Protective window film helps to deter forced entry by making windows harder to penetrate, encouraging would-be intruders to seek easier targets.

  • Bomb-blast Film for Schools


    Every year people around the world are injured, maimed or killed by lethal shards of flying or falling glass resulting from bombings. Bomb blast protection safety film dramatically reduces damage or likelihood of injury from flying glass, keeping people and premises safer and more secure.