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Clearshield Eco-Glass

Clearshield Eco-Glass

Upgrade your ordinary glass to ‘non-stick’, easy-clean ADS Eco-Glass™ powered by award-winning ClearShield® ‘non-stick’ glass surface protection

Resists staining • Easier to clean and keep clean • Longer-lasting pristine appearance

What is ADS Eco-Glass™?

ADS Eco-Glass™ is a superior type of glass that is ‘non-stick’ and easy clean. Powered by the award-winning ClearShield® ‘non-stick’ technology with 40 years of experience, ADS Eco-Glass™ ensures your glass…

resists staining and discolouration
is always easier to clean and keep clean, typically reducing the time and effort to clean by half
maintains a pristine appearance for longer

Any ordinary glass treated with ClearShield® by ADS applicators is upgraded to ADS Eco-Glass™. It can be applied to new or existing glass.

ADS Eco-Glass™ works like a ‘non-stick’ cookware, preventing contaminants from bonding to the glass surface and limits further damage caused by corrosion and chemical attack. Cleaning is now easier without the need for harsh abrasives or methods – as well as saving time and effort.

The durable ClearShield® protection of ADS Eco-Glass™ is completely transparent, chemically inert, nonhazardous and UV stable. Unlike a coating, ClearShield® becomes part of the glass so it will never peel, discolour or crack.

Whatever type of glass application you need, ADS Eco-Glass™ has many benefits!

Eco-Glass Applications


Independently proven to resist bacterial adhesion and growth; Saves cleaning time and effort; Ideal for areas where hygiene is paramount


Reduces frequency and cost of cleaning; Maintains original light transmission for optimum visibility; Helps preserve a cleaner, pristine appearance


Saves cleaning time and effort; Resists staining and discolouration; No need for harsh / abrasive cleaning products or methods


Helps maximise light transmission and solar energy output; Reduces maintenance costs; Speeds up payback time


Always easier to clean and keep clean; Reduces frequency of cleaning, saving precious water, time and manpower; Resists staining, discolouration and salt spray


Two options are available to you: professional application or you can carry out the application yourself with our easy-to-use DIY kits. Find out more…


  • Independently proven to resist bacterial adhesion and growth
  • Saves cleaning time and effort
  • Ideal for areas where hygiene is paramount
Clearshield Eco-Glass - Hygiene

ADS Eco-Glass™ provides effective protection against staining and discolouration as well as adhesion and growth of micro-organisms, such as bacteria and fungi on glass surfaces in food processing plants, restaurants and hospitals.

The power behind ADS Eco-Glass™ – ClearShield® – is independently proven to resist the adhesion and growth of bacteria. It also meets European Union (EU) and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for direct contact with all types of food, as confirmed by an independent laboratory accredited by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS).

ADS Eco-Glass™ is Ideal for glass in:


  • Doors and partitions
  • Sneezegaurds / screens
  • Privacy screens
  • Furniture / mirrors
  • Splashbacks
  • Shower / bath screens

Food Contact

  • Food counters / displays
  • Work tops


  • Spas
  • Sports centres
  • Swimming pools

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  • Reduces frequency and cost of cleaning
  • Maintains original light transmission for optimum visibility
  • Helps preserve a cleaner, pristine appearance and image
Clearshield Eco-Glass - Commercial

The benefits of ADS Eco-Glass™ go far beyond its easy-to clean properties. It protects the glass surface from damage caused by corrosion, weathering and chemical contamination.

ADS Eco-Glass™ is resistant to all types of dirt, organic (e.g. motor vehicle exhaust or traffic film, bird droppings, tree sap) and inorganic (e.g. hard water deposits, building run off, metal oxides). It typically halves the frequency of cleaning, reduces maintenance costs and keeping glass looking like new for longer.

ADS Eco-Glass™ is ideal for glass in:

  • Building façades and atria
  • Windows and doors
  • Decorative / sandblasted glass
  • Glass balustrades
  • Car wash sites
  • Internal partitioning
  • Glass blocks
  • Glass furniture / display cases
  • Mirrors

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  • Saves cleaning time and effort
  • Resists staining and discolouration for a longer sparkling appearance
  • No need for harsh or abrasive cleaning products or methods
Clearshield Eco-Glass - Domestic

Tree sap, bird lime and atmospheric pollution spoil the look of ordinary, unprotected glass and easily stains the surface. Removing the build-up of dirt is very difficult, if not impossible. and the appearance is spoilt. Using harsh and abrasive products may be a solution but is bad for the environment.

Thanks to ClearShield® ‘non-stick’ protection, ADS Eco-Glass™ remains as clean and bright as the day it was installed, giving optimal clarity with the least possible effort. And with our after-care programme that is kind to the environment, you can ensure your glass performs like new for years.

ADS Eco-Glass™ is Ideal for glass in and around the home, including:

  • Windows and doors
  • Conservatory roofs
  • Roof lights / skylights
  • Decorative / sandblasted glass
  • Shower doors and enclosures
  • Glass balustrades
  • Glass furniture

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Solar Panels

  • Helps maximise light transmission and solar energy output
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Speeds up payback time
Clearshield Eco-Glass - Solar

Solar panels provide an economical and renewable source of power. However, efficiency is quickly compromised when the glass gets dirty.

The efficiency of solar panels has a direct link to the light transmission of glass, and therefore the cleanliness of the glass surface. In short, the cleaner the glass, the more effective the solar panel. Thanks to the ClearShield® – the unique ‘non-stick’ technology behind ADS Eco-Glass™ – less contaminants bond to the glass and are easily removed during cleaning. This helps restore solar energy output to its original level for maximum efficiency with reduced maintenance requirements.

This is backed up by field trials conducted on vertical solar panels exposed to atmospheric conditions in an urban environment. ClearShield® protection was proven to accumulate more watt hours over time compared to standard Anti-Reflective (AR) coated glass.

So if you want to get the best out of your solar panels, upgrade your glass to ADS Eco-Glass™.

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  • Always easier to clean and keep clean
  • Reduces frequency of cleaning, saving precious water, time and manpower
  • Resists staining, discolouration and salt spray
Clearshield Eco-Glass - Marine


This System was developed over 30 years ago to, initially, convert ordinary marine glass to make it ‘non-stick’ for better visibility, clarity and cleanliness. Since then, the System has been used on all kinds of glass around the world, including architectural glazing, decorative glass, windows, doors, shower enclosures and even solar panels.

The ClearShield System™ is applied on new glass in a factory or on-site on existing glass, upgrading it to ClearShield Eco-Glass™. Not only is this special type of glass ‘non-stick’ and easy-clean, it is durable and resistant to pressure washing.

The many benefits of ClearShield Eco-Glass™ include:

  • Always easier to clean and keep clean
  • Reduces frequency of cleaning, saving precious water, time and manpower
  • Resists staining, discolouration and salt spray
  • Improves visibility and appearance for increased passenger satisfaction
  • Anti-microbial for a more hygienic environment
  • Optimises clarity and visibility from the bridge for better safety


ADS can also renovate, protect and maintain other surfaces, such as stainless steel and paintwork so they are ‘non-stick’ and easy-clean with the Ritecoat System™.

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How can I get ADS Eco-Glass™?

Two options are available to you: professional application or you can carry out the application yourself with our easy-to-use DIY kits.

Option 1: Professional Application

Our team of professionally trained applicators can come to your location and apply ClearShield® ‘non-stick’ technology, upgrading your existing glass to higher performance ADS Eco-Glass™.

Alternatively, you can arrange for your glass to be sent to our premises for ClearShield® application.

All professionally upgraded ADS Eco-Glass™ comes with our peace of mind warranty depending on the type of glass:

  • Vertical exterior glass: up to 15 years
  • Sloped exterior glass: up to 10 years
  • Horizontal glass: up to 5 years
  • All exterior glass situated near coastal areas: up to 3 years
  • Shower glass: up to 10 years
  • Other interior glass: up to 15 years

The warranty will be void if you do not follow the correct After-Care programme to maintain your ADS Eco-Glass™.

Note: The durability of the special protection may be affected by harshness of the environment, the type of cleaning compounds and methods used, and the frequency of cleaning. Such factors are outside the control of the manufacturer and may affect the duration of your warranty.

Clearshield Eco-Glass being applied to glass

Option 2: DIY kit application

Based on the award-winning ClearShield® ‘non-stick’ protection, our Do-It-Yourself Kit is a simple low-cost solution for homeowners to enjoy all the benefits of ADS Eco-Glass™ in and around your home. Purchase one of our kits and try it yourself!

Note: As the application is carried out by the end-user, we are unable to offer any warranty on the durability of the protection.

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ClearShield® … a technology you can trust

ClearShield® ‘non-stick’ glass surface technology was developed in the early 1980s to protect glass in the harsh marine environment. In 1986, ClearShield® helped Richard Branson break the Atlantic speed record; glass on board the Virgin Atlantic Challenger 2 was treated and this saved the crew precious time having to stop and clean the glass. A year later, ClearShield® won the prestigious Prince of Wales award for Innovation and Production.

Clearshield Eco-Glass - Virgin Atlantic Challenger

Today, with 40 years of proven track records worldwide and many industry awards picked up along the way, ClearShield® can be found on all types of glass applications, big and small. From luxury cruise liners and skyscrapers to shower enclosures and sneeze screens and everything in between, ClearShield® is the world market leader in ‘non-stick’ glass surface technology. ADS Eco-Glass™ is proud to be powered by ClearShield®!

Clearshield Eco-Glass - Examples of application

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Areas covered

ADS Window Films has been established in Plymouth since 2001, with their main offices conveniently located in the centre of Plymouth and a further presence in London. ADS Window Films cover the whole of Devon and Cornwall and the south west region, including: Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Newton Abbot, Penzance, Plymouth, St Austell, Taunton, Tiverton, Torquay and Truro. ADS Window Films have now acquired a presence in London to cover both London and the Home Counties and have carried out projects throughout the United Kingdom.

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What our customers say...

ADS window films based in Plymouth, Devon have been exceptional in helping our family find a solution to provide privacy and maintain views from our first floor. We had a Vision Control film installed, many other window films were considered for our property to maintain privacy, solar/UV, smart window films, decorative, energy saving, films for safety and security. The vision control film was installed and solved the challenge we faced.

ADS window films are able to provide solutions for schools, hospitals, offices, residential, domestic, agricultural, factory and manufacturing properties, property development, new builds and self builds, motor  and car window tinting, boats and naval, any window, any sector.

If you need a different view on the world outside, ADS window films can help you achieve it.

ADS window films have been professional, friendly and fantastic with communication and provide any information, photos and videos that may be useful to our property’s needs.

The team are lovely. Respectful, hardworking, timely and skilled. They communicated and responsibly installed the film during the COVID-19 corona virus pandemic. They even offered to supply, and provided our place of work in the NHS with PPE protective visors.

We have recommended ADS window films installer to friends and family to help them achieve a view through their window without compromising privacy or loss of scenery.

We contracted ADS to fit a series of different types of window films to our two story office. We could not recommend ADS highly enough. Their service, professionalism and efficiency in fitting was second to none. We are really pleased with the results and the switchable film particularly, is a real talking point.

Top firm, top guys, top product. Very impressed. 5*

Friendly professional service. Made us feel very welcome from start to finish! Our car looks amazing and will certainly make a difference. We would highly recommend to anyone! Thank you again!

A very efficient service with very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Brilliant firm, they have now done 2 of my cars and a fantastic job on my house. Before you speak to anyone about getting your windows done speak to these guys.

I spent ages reviewing different companies to make sure I found the best place to tint my windows and ADS is definitely that!

They have done a superb job on my Ford Focus. Really professional service. The film quality is second to none. I went for the premium film and although it’s perfectly dark on the outside, inside I still have perfect visibility.

I would recommend ADS to anyone. Very impressed.

Fantastic service, professional and knowledgeable staff , nice clean waiting area with free wifi!!! And a lovely mug of coffee .This is the only place we go to have our vehicles window tinting done. So far they have done the tints on 4 of our cars!!

Professional from start to finish – Adam the installer rang to say he was running a little late and kept me informed. When arrived he was polite, professional, clean and tidy – sorry the access to the windows weren’t the easiest. When he left you’d never know he’d been in our offices except the excellent window films and no complaints from the staff – result!

ADS were quick to respond to my initial enquiry and were able to fit my work in between jobs. They kept me informed, met times advised and were professional and courteous.

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