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    Car Tinting FAQ
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    Car Tinting FAQ

Car Window Tinting FAQs

Welcome to our Car Window Tinting FAQs. Here, you’ll find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about our vehicle tinting service. If your question isn’t answered, please contact us.

What is allowed?

The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986, state the minimum levels of light that must pass through the windscreen and front side windows of your motor vehicle are as follows:

  • Motor Vehicles first used on or after 1 April 1985: the front windscreen must allow at least 75% of light through whilst the front side windows must allow 70% through.
  • Motor Vehicles first used before 1 April 1985: the front windscreen and front side windows must allow at least 70% of light through.
  • There are no rules for tinting rear windscreen or rear passenger windows.

Most tinted film cannot be applied to the windscreen and front windows. However, you can apply clear UV protection films to these, as they do not affect the amount of light that passes through.

Although not an MOT requirement, failure to comply with these regulations is illegal and can result in receipt of a prohibition notice, stopping you from using the vehicle until the tints are removed, a penalty notice or a court summons, as well as the possibility of invalidating your insurance.

You are also not permitted to sell a vehicle with illegal windscreen and front window tints.

More information can be found by downloading the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency’s document: Tinted Windows, Your Questions Answered.

What is window film?

Window film is a coated polyester sheet that is applied to existing glass. Our window films use a very fine metal coating which filters out the sun’s radiation and over 98% of ultraviolet light.

Will my windows be operational immediately?

We recommend waiting at least 48 hours before using the windows.

What types of window film are available?

We offer four tint shades for vehicles: Limousine (approx. 5% sunlight penetration), Dark Tint (approx. 20% sunlight penetration), Medium Tint (approx. 35% sunlight penetration) and Light Tint (approx. 50% sunlight penetration).

Can I tint all my vehicle’s windows?

Please refer to the information detailed in the above question; ‘What is allowed?’

How long will the window film last?

Your window film will come with a minimum 10 year manufacturer’s warranty however several have lifetime warranties.

Will the window film bubble, peel or change colour?

No – we use and install each window film as per the standards set by the manufacturers to ensure their longevity.

Do you cut the film on the vehicle itself?

No – we use the latest computer technology to cut the window film specifically to fit your make and model of vehicle. This ensures the perfect cut and eliminates the risk of damage to your vehicle’s glass or paint work.

How do I clean the window film?

The coated finish reduces the need for cleaning and the risk of scratching. However, a damp cloth or a squeegee with detergent and water will remove marks when necessary.

Does the window film go on the inside or outside?

Most of our window films are applied to internal vehicle glazing.

Will the window film effect my rear window defroster?

No – this will carry on working as normal.

Can the window film be removed?

Yes – the window film can be cleanly removed if required.

How does window film stick on?

A clear adhesive is applied to the film during production which is then covered by a protective backing sheet, ready for application.

Why should I use ADS Window Films for vehicle tinting?

We have almost 20 years’ experience of tinting car windows, which is why we’re used by many of the prestigious car dealerships in the local area.

In our purpose-built tint bay, we use the latest computerised cutting technology (as opposed to cutting the film on your car), to ensure the film is the perfect cut and to eliminate the risk of damage to your vehicle.

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