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Smart Window Film

Switchable Smart Window Film Supplier

Instant Privacy and Security

Smart Window Film Supplier – Get instant privacy and security with our revolutionary switchable smart window film.

While tinted films, glare reduction films, and printable films are all viable options for spaces which need customised amounts of light filtration or privacy, there are also instances in which total privacy is required. However, nobody wants to work in a dark, windowless space devoid of natural light. And, although blinds or drapes can be used to allow spaces absolute privacy when it is needed and let in natural light when privacy is not required, these solutions also come with their own challenges. ADS Window Films has a highly advanced solution that could solve all of your corporate privacy dilemmas with a single button. Also referred to as smart film or switchable film, this technological breakthrough enables glass to be transformed from an opaque screen to a clear state with just the flick of a switch. Acting as an ‘electronic blind’, it provides complete control over the privacy and security available in areas with the glazed partitions, giving your space incredible versatility. Some of the ways this luxury upgrade can benefit your space include:

  • Flexibility: Switchable film gives you the power to transform your office from bright working space to private meeting space totally secluded for sensitive issues with the press of a button
  • Projection: The opaque setting is an ideal projection screen for boardrooms and conference rooms, giving those areas with limited wall space but plenty of windows an attractive projection option
  • Aesthetic: Removing the need for drapes or blinds as well as pull-down projection screens allows your space to have a sleek, modern aesthetic fit for professional conferences and meetings and guaranteed to impress
  • Cleanliness: Keeping corporate and public spaces sparkling clean and dust-free can sometimes be a challenge, but switchable smart film removes the need for additional dusting of blinds or laundering of drapes, as the film is attached to the window and is cleaned as you would the window itself
  • Solar UV protection: As with most of our products, our switchable smart film provides solar UV protection to reduce glare and prevent fading of textiles and furnishings within the room

Our switchable window film comes in sizes up to 3000mm in length and up to 1500mm wide which can be customised into shapes or joined together to suit your requirements. As a luxury upgrade to your glass, our service team will take all necessary steps to learn about your individual project needs in order to outfit your space with the best, highest quality products available through ADS Window Films.

Switchable Smart Window Film Installation

More Smart Film information

Please note: Switchable Smart Film installation typically costs between £350-£500* per square metre, depending on waste. More information about cost and requirements can be found in our FAQs.

*Please note each installation is different, based upon the overall quantity of material required and its location. For smaller, less typical projects (generally less than 10m2) the cost per m2 could increase significantly.

Our films can be applied to virtually any size or shape of window—from oddly shaped decorative windows to floor-to-ceiling windows in multistory corporate spaces. No job is too big or too small, and our team is specially trained to help you find the perfect product for your needs and location. We would love to talk with you about how best you can transform your existing windows and glass today. To start the process of creating the space of your dreams or to find out more about any of our available products, please call us on 01752 252583 or fill out our enquiry form on our website.