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    Decorative and Privacy Film
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    Decorative and Privacy Film

Decorative and Privacy Window Film

Create a stunning visual impact or add confidentiality to your room with our extensive choice of decorative and privacy window films.

When it comes to dividing your space into discrete zones, adding privacy or simply creating some visual interest, decorative or privacy window films can greatly expand your available options with nearly limitless ways to customise your space. ADS Window Films has worked with many clients to transform their spaces using something as simple as window film, which can create more private spaces using only attractive additions to existing glass or windows. Our comprehensive range of decorative films gives you the flexibility to transform the appearance of your internal or external glazing without the high cost or inconvenience of permanent glass etching.

The application options of decorative or privacy window films are endless—it is often a simple matter of determining which iteration of the product best fits your needs. Some of the ways you can use decorative and privacy window film include:

  • Privacy for corporate offices: Cubicles can be dark and impersonal, sectioning individuals off from each other. Dividing working spaces up with glass partitions with privacy film helps to keep the integrity of sensitive documents and projects while also allowing the office space to flow naturally. The range of visibility options that we offer allows you to fine-tune your film to achieve your desired level of concealment.
  • Convey your brand to the public: Adding customised window film displaying your brand and logo to the exterior windows can act as a constant advertisement to passersby while simultaneously protecting the interior from prying eyes on the street, if such a protection is necessary.
  • Add visual interest: Even if you don’t need decorative film for privacy reasons, adding designs or shading to your glass or window fixtures can create visual appeal for the interior of your space. Our films are customisable, so the options for cultivating your space so that it matches your brand or aesthetic are truly limitless.

At ADS Window Films, we offer a wide variety of finishes from frosted to etched, as well as numerous colours, shades, patterns, textiles, transparencies and gradients. For an inspiring branding solution, we can also apply graphics to your glazed areas to enhance your building’s corporate identity.

If you’re looking to add privacy to areas such as a bathroom or office space, we stock numerous films offering varied levels of concealment, from ‘one way vision’ glazing to Blackout Film, which can provide total privacy. Our friendly team are the experts in all things window film, so if you aren’t sure which type of window film is right for you, one of our specialists will be happy to speak with you. We take the time to truly understand each client and their individual needs so that we can best recommend the right product to fit your specific needs.

Other Window Films

Our films can be applied to virtually any size or shape of window—from oddly shaped decorative windows to floor-to-ceiling windows in multistory corporate spaces. No job is too big or too small, and our team is specially trained to help you find the perfect product for your needs and location. We would love to talk with you about how best you can transform your existing windows and glass today. To start the process of creating the space of your dreams or to find out more about any of our available products, please call us on 01752 252583 or fill out our enquiry form on our website.

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