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Energy Saving Window Film

31 Jan 2023

Energy Saving Window Film – Many people look into installing window film in their home or business because of the aesthetic, visibility, and privacy benefits that it can provide. However, some individuals are surprised to discover that window film has a large number of energy saving benefits that allow your residential or commercial building to greatly reduce the amount of energy that is required to heat and cool the interior of your space. And, with the steeply rising costs of energy in the UK causing many home and business owners to look for ways that they can cut back on their energy usage each month, ADS Window Film could be just the thing to help save you money during these tough times.

Why are windows important areas for energy-saving?

With large portions of a building’s energy being lost through the windows—about twenty-five percent for residential homes, and much larger amounts lost when it comes to commercial dwellings with large windows—the energy-saving properties of ADS window film can make a huge difference in reducing energy use (and therefore associated energy costs as well). Windows are such heavy culprits because they cannot be insulated to the extent of exterior walls and doors, but they are not a lost cause altogether. As large amounts of heat escape out during the winter or makes its way in during the summer, an estimated two thirds of the energy loss can be attributed to radiation through the glazing of the window. Upgrading this glazing through the use of specialised ADS energy-saving window film can help to cut down on these percentages and make your home or business much more energy efficient.

Benefits of energy-saving window film

  • Heat retention: Providing an upgraded glaze to the interior and/or exterior of a window can help to reduce the amount of energy that is lost due to radiation through the glazing. Some statistics indicate that windows lose up to ten percent more energy than walls, so upgrades that prevent radiation losses can help to decrease these percentages, allowing heat to stay inside during the cold winder months.
  • Reduce cooling costs: Similarly, reducing cooling costs during the summer months is a crucial element of energy-saving window film. Applying a tinted window film, even with a mostly non-visible tint, is one of the most effective ways to reduce heat absorption during the summer. Some selections of window film can cut back on cooling costs for windows by as much as fifty percent. The tint reflects the radiation back from the exterior, allowing the interior to remain much cooler with much less energy required.
  • Ease of use: As far as energy efficient solutions go, there is nothing so easy and impactful as ADS Window Film to give you the results you desire. Window film is inherently long-lasting and non-damaging, meaning that you can easily replace it if you decide to switch to a different film in the future. Additionally, it is a less expensive, hassle-free option when compared to the construction that is required to replace existing windows with more efficient new windows. The film can be applied directly to your existing windows and is entirely customizable—no matter how oddly-shaped or old your current windows are, ADS Window Film has a solution to make them more efficient.

Whether you are looking for ADS energy-saving window film for a home, office, or large commercial building, the expert team at ADS Window Films can guide you through the process, ensuring that the installation adheres to regulations and guidelines while also reducing your bottom-line energy costs. Whether you would like more information regarding the process, or you are ready to begin saving money and making your location more energy efficient, contact the team at ADS Window Films today—we are happy to help and would love to discuss your options with you.